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radar - What does it mean?

Definition of 'radar'




  • (uncountable) A method of detecting distant objects and determining their position, velocity, or other characteristics by analysis of sent radio waves (usually microwaves) reflected from their surfaces
  • (countable) A type of system using such method, differentiated by platform, configuration, frequency, power, and other technical attributes.
  • (countable) An installation of such a system or of the transmitting and receiving apparatus.
  • (countable|figuratively) A superior ability to detect something.
  • His sensitive radar for hidden alliances keeps him out of trouble.


    * RADAR (acronym of radio detection and ranging)

    Derived terms

    * -dar * gaydar * Jewdar * monopulse radar * off the radar (rel-mid3) * passive radar * radar astronomy * radar dome * radar gun * radar meteorology (rel-mid3) * radar reflector * radar telescope * radar trap * radome * under the radar (rel-bottom)


  • To scan with , or as if with radar.
  • * {{quote-book|year=2002|author=Brian Jonathan Wolk|title=Ohio Traffic Tickets are for the Birds citation
  • |passage= He radars you while he's sitting in his patrol vehicle under a bridge.}} English invariant nouns English palindromes ----