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wow - What does it mean?

Definition of 'wow'




  • An indication of excitement or surprise.
  • * 1513 , (Gavin Douglas), Virgil ├ćneid (translation) vi. Prol. 19 :
  • Out on thir wanderand spiritis, wow! thow cryis.
  • An expression of amazement or awe.
  • Wow! How do they do that?
  • Used sarcastically to express disapproval of something.
  • Wow... I can't believe you would do such a thing.


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    Derived terms

    * wowzer, wowser * wowsers * wowzah


  • (informal) To amaze or awe.
  • He really wowed the audience.


  • (informal) An exceptionally surprising or unbelievable fact.
  • He did? That's a wow !
  • A relatively slow form of flutter (pitch variation) which can affect both gramophone records and tape recorders.
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