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redivider - What does it mean?

Definition of 'redivider'


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  • Agent noun of redivide: something that divides or apportions again.
  • *{{quote-book|1976|James D. Seymour|China--the Politics of Revolutionary Reintegration|page=207 citation
  • |passage=The communes are still very real, of course, but their organs serve primarily as communications conduits and allocations redividers .}}
  • *{{quote-us-patent|1998|Toshiaki Takahashi et al.|Navigation system, method for stereoscopically displaying topographic map for the navigation system, and recording medium for recording the method|6121972 citation
  • |passage=TRIANGLE REDIVIDER }}
  • *{{quote-us-patent|1999|Mitsutoshi Arai|Pattern matching coding device using pattern matching and coding method therefor|6445821|page=12 citation
  • |passage=
  • (puzzles) A sequence of letters that can be segmented into two or more different sentences
  • *{{quote-journal|2001|David B. Searls|From Jabberwocky to Genome: Lewis Carroll and Computational Biology|Journal of Computational Biology|volume=8|issue=3 citation
  • |passage=Latter-day puzzle makers in a direct lineage from Carroll’s tradition and even more extreme instances of segmentation oddities in what are called redividers (Michaelsen, 1998), for example, observing that the sentence “In every ode linger many” can be resegmented to read “I never yodel in Germany” (Shortz, 1997); such cases serve to point out the duality of the problems of gap assignment and boundary detection, and also inject a combinatorial flavor.}}

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