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oho - What does it mean?

Definition of 'oho'



  • Expressing surprise or gloating realisation; aha.
  • * 1880 , Lucy Bethia Walford, Troublesome Daughters
  • There is Kate, taking no heed of anybody; sensible old darling — she goes at her tea and cake — Oho ! she has not touched them!
  • * 1914 , Rupert Hughes, What Will People Say?
  • "Oho , my boy, that's the woman who keeps you here! Mrs. Neff hinted at it, but I wouldn't believe it till I had it from you."
  • * 1997 , Bruce A Shuman, Beyond the library of the future
  • Oho ! Now I see where he's going with this, Frank thinks. Would have seen it earlier if I hadn't been so tired.

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