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madam - What does it mean?

Definition of 'madam'



(wikipedia) (en-noun)
  • ''Mrs Grey wondered if the outfit she was trying on made her look fat. The sales assistant just said, “It suits you, madam ”.
    ''Later, Mrs Grey was sitting in her favourite tea shop. “Would madam like the usual cream cakes and patisserie with her tea?” the waitress asked.
  • The mistress of a household.
  • (colloquial) A conceited or quarrelsome girl.
  • ''Selina kept pushing and shoving during musical chairs. The nursery school teacher said she was a bad-tempered little madam .
  • (slang) A woman who runs a brothel.
  • After she grew too old to work as a prostitute, she became a madam .


    * dame * woman * lady * matron * mistress

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