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bib - What does it mean?

Definition of 'bib'



  • An item of clothing for babies tied around their neck to protect their clothes from getting dirty when eating.
  • A rectangular piece of material, carrying a bib number, worn as identification by entrants in a race
  • The upper part of an apron or overalls.
  • A patch of colour around an animal's upper breast and throat.
  • * 1950 , Arthur Cleveland Bent, Life Histories of North American Wagtails, Shrikes, Vireos, and their Allies
  • In summer the whole throat and breast are black, but in winter plumage the throat is white bounded by a horseshoe-shaped black bib .
  • * 2011 , Arthur Peacock, Gettysburg the Cat (page 22)
  • He don't look anything like the captain. This here cat has got a nice thick black coat of fur with a nice white bib and white feet.
  • An arctic fish (Gadus luscus ), allied to the cod; the pout.
  • A bibcock.
  • Derived terms

    * best bib and tucker


  • (archaic) To drink heartily; to tipple.
  • He was constantly bibbing . — Locke.


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