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aba - What does it mean?

Definition of 'aba'


Etymology 1

. Compare (abaya).

Alternative forms

* abba


  • A coarse, often striped, felted fabric from the Middle East, woven from goat or camel hair.
  • A loose-fitting sleeveless garment, made from aba or silk, worn by Arabs.
  • * 1957 , Lawrence Durrell, Justine :
  • Here Nessim would sit night after night in the winter, dressed in his old rust-coloured abba , staring gravely at Betelgeuse, or hovering over books of calculations for all the world like a medieval soothsayer.
    * abaya

    Etymology 2

    * From the name of its creator, the French explorer A. T. d' Abbadie.


  • An altazimuth used for astronomy on either land or water.
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